Workshop fostered a strong sense of partnership between the United Nations, the Government of Cape Verde and the coalition of partners who joined. Similarly us on this journey into the future. By integrating this exercise into the Cooperation. Similarly Framework and the National Strategic Planning Process, the Government of Cape Verde demonstrated its. Similarly commitment to adopting a future-oriented planning approach. Using this foresight model, we are not only reinventing the forms of strategic planning, but creating a. Similarly community of. Similarly thinkers and professionals, capable of collectively reflecting on the future. Similarly planning together and taking immediate action.Recuperar el futuro: Un llamamiento al esfuerzo de recuperación sostenible en Asia-Pacífico.

The unique and populous Asia

Pacific region is made up of countries, of which are classified as least developed countries (LDCs) according to the United Nations classification. This means that they are recognized as countries that have “low income levels and face serious Russia WhatsApp Number List structural impediments to sustainable development Given their underlying vulnerability, countries and populations in Asia-Pacific bear the brunt of the unequal effects of the. Similarlypandemic. As we have seen, the pandemic exposed the common fragilities of health, economic an. Similarly social systems that have proven insufficient and under-resourced across the Asia-Pacific region.

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This required major revisions within the

Limited capacities of Asia-Pacific nations that continue to struggle against extreme poverty, to achieve sustainable development. Similarlyand the existential threats due to climate change. As a result, governments have had to redirect funds and increase Russia Phone Number List external borrowing to boost their stimulus packages in response to the pandemic. In the pre-COVID- era, effective reforms contributed to the socioeconomic progress of some of the countries in the region,of these hard-won achievements have suffered setbacks in the wake of the pandemic.

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