Inbound Marketing Specialist This professional is in charge of designing strategies to attract and retain customers in an organic and non-intrusive way. Its function is to understand the purchasing process and the company’s purchasing cycles, define the buyer persona and the type of content that connects with it, and qualify business opportunities. To work as an inbound marketing specialist, you ne to train in digital marketing and master the specific tools for designing inbound marketing campaigns. SEO specialist.

It is the professional who ensures

That the contents of your blog or your website Ecuador WhatsApp Number List appear when certain terms are search for in search engines such as Google. Publishing content on the Internet is not enough because there is a lot of competition, so this specialist is essential so that they can find you without always having to resort to advertising. To work as a specialist in SEO or web positioning you ne to know about SEO and web analytics. Professional web-focus marketing profiles Finally, we are going to see the different digital marketing professionals that we find when focusing on the web.

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This professional is a graphic designer

Who has specializ in the part of web pages. Different things must be taken into account when designing a web page: that it be easy to use, intuitive, that it converts users into customers, that it adapts correctly to the screen of different devices, etc. Therefore, to work as a web designer you must have notions of graphic design and also digital marketing. Web developer The web  the Singapore Lead design of the page, so he nes a web developer to program that web page that the user will finally see. In this case, you can find web developers who work with custom-made pages (that is, they do entirely code) or web developers who work with CMS like WordPress or Joomla. To work as a web developer you must have knowlge of web programming (languages ​​such as HTML, PHP and CSS are essential).

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