In other words, its profile is focus on growing in the shortest possible time and spending as little as possible. And, obviously, you must be clear about what you want to sell before starting to make your itorial calendar. Define the audience you are targeting This is another basic that many brands fail at. You must be very clear about who your potential client or buyer person is before you start creating your itorial calendar for the blog. Even if your brand has a tone and style of communication, you must take into account who is going to read it.

For example if in your blog

You focus on being read by other professionals in your sector, you can use certain terms. Specific to the sector and that they easily understand. Even alluding to certain things that you know they surely know. However, if you Georgia WhatsApp Number List are going to write for companies or end customers, surely these terms that I indicat above are unknown to them, so you will have to use other words or explain them. And the same with those certain things that are known within the sector, but perhaps not outside. In addition, knowing your buyer persona will help you to know what they are looking for and what interests them, something very important when making your itorial calendar.

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Define the goals you want to achieve

If you don’t have goals, it’s like signing up for a race in your city and they don’t tell you where it ends… You don’t know where you’re going or if you’re in the right direction. That is why it is important that you define them and that you do it in detail and thinking about whether they are realistic. I always recommend having a main objective that can be made. Can be achiev as you get closer Singapore Lead to the main objective. And of course, that primary goal may change as your business and blog grow. You don’t have to set a goal that is too far away. Mark relevant dates on your calendar This is something I highly recommend, writing down the relevant dates on your calendar.

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