Making plans, or chatting about the day that just was, literally hundrs of messages can fly between you during the day. Check out these BFF stickers that could have been made just for your chats. BFFs do it together Best friends are the people you can and still have the best time. Celebrate your everyday friendship, every chat with this on point sticker pack. Girls, together, forever Nothing moves faster than a group chat with your besties. So make YOUR thoughts stand out and add a little extra with a little help from Viber’s own BFFs – Crystal and Eve.

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Best friend If you are someone who prefers “man’s best friend” to real life humans, these stickers are for you. These furry little friends have all the right sayings for your chat with your human BFFs. Keeping it real UAE WhatsApp Number List Don’t you love how you can discuss pretty much anything with your BFF? This sticker pack is just perfect for those times when things are just not quite right and you ne someone to vent to! Check out these packs and thousands more in the Viber Sticker Market, or join the We Love Viber Stickers community for sticker news and more.NEWS FEBRUARY 10, 2020 Remember Everything.

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See What’s New on Viber By Daniel Porat Your day to day is full of excitement. People send you messages, you respond to as many as possible, your mom ask you to call her back ASAP. It’s getting impossible to keep Singapore Lead track of everything in your head, and you don’t want to download another task management app on your phone. That’s why now you’ll have My Notes, a new dicat space in your chat list that helps you keep everything in one place. Messaging apps are a key daily tool, and it just makes sense to make them as convenient and efficient as possible.

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