In order not to miss it, it is only necessary to subscribe to the YouTube channel of ONE plus ONE is THREE by FINETWORK , activating the bell to be aware of everyone the premieres that will be happening.  we can find the program on the main social networks with clips of outtakes, the funniest moments and previews of what is to come. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can already enjoy the first episode in which Joaquín Sánchez and Fernando Romay share a conversation full of laughter and fun. The best recipes are yet to come The first members of this program will also be a key piece in the following episodes, since Joaquín Sánchez and Fernando Romay will act as hosts around the table.

Will be joine from the second program

By other prominent figures in different fields. program-one-plus-one-romay-joaquin With them , current affairs, sports and technology will be common topics of conversation, without neglecting the jokes, pranks or jokes that so many good times promise to offer us. A fun way to connect people with their idols in a digital format within everyone’s reach, which in turn allows us to Bahrain Phone Number List show the most human side of Finetwork. The footballer Joaquín Sánchez himself has share the following words: “ We are delight with this new Finetwork project in which I am sure we will share great moments with the public, who will enjoy it as much or more than us ”, as Fernando Romay has declar.

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An improvement that affects four

Finetwork rates, the 100% Spanish fiber and mobile operator, among which there are mobile rates, but also rates that combine fiber optic and mobile. An increase in data without raising the price that affects all Singapore Lead customers from this June 1, to start the month with a joy. More gigabytes for the same price Given the importance that the Internet connection can have on our mobile, Finetwork transforms the rates for its customers for the better. This also comes without having to make any changes.

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