Once the operating system starts up, we do not require any key and for a while we will be able to continue using it without any limitations . After the trial period, they can request a key or continue with basic features.  of Windows 10 to download and get Windows 10 . To do this, we access the following official Microsoft page , in which we have to scroll until we touch the button where it says “Download the tool now”. download-windows-10 With the file on our computer, we can start Mia Creation Tool, which analyzes the PC in search of problems and will give us the option to install.

Download the installation mium

That we can store on a USB to use when and where we want . Among the options, Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit appears , something that we must know, so that it works perfectly on the computer where we want to Pakistan WhatsApp Number List install it or let it decide and thus make no mistake. Without the mia creation tool The process can be too cumbersome in a traditional way as we have shown you, since it is necessary to do intermiate steps. Luckily, if we want to shorten the path, we can resort to a trick within the Google Chrome browser that will save us steps. We explain it to you: We access the same Microsoft website.

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When the command console appears

Press simultaneousl We simulate that we are using a mobile. Then we can choose the list to download the ISO image. Old versions of ISOs There are many who are interest in old versions of the operating system, although we strongly discourage it. The main reason is that these usually contain errors that could cause us to lose files, since viruses have free entry or at Singapore Lead least much easier. Anyway, the easiest thing we can do is download Rufus. This program allows us to store any desir version of Windows 10 on the computer. Then, with the ISO in our possession, it will be a matter of using it wherever we want. What are Tier Lists and why are they us so much in video games.

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