It is often said that ” content created for SEO measures becomes an asset for the site because it is accumulated.” The reason for this is that if your content continues to appear at the top of search results. You can expect a steady flow of traffic. However, just launching a site and just continuing to add content is not enough to ensure proper SEO. In order to achieve results with SEO, you need to regularly perform site analysis and maintenance. Therefore, we have summarized below the elements that you should especially check when analyzing and maintaining your site.

It is unclear what to do

Companies that fail with SEO often lose sight of the purpose of. Why they are working on SEO Phone Number List in the first place. The purpose of SEO can be summed up in one word to grow your business through search. The goal is to have people access your company’s site from the search results page, and from there lead to CV  such as inquiry. Download of materials  and membership registration. However, while working on SEO, there are many cases where ranking in the top rankings becomes the goal. In this case even if the number of PV  increases. It is unlikely to lead to CV because there is no consideration given to .What kind of actions do you want users to take when visiting the site? The goal of SEO is not to get high rankings. In order to achieve the original purpose of growing your business through search, don’t forget to have users who visit your page take action that will lead to CV.

How search engines determine rankings

Therefore, unless you understand how search engines  Singapore Lead work, you will not be able to take effective countermeasures. To put it simply, search engines perform rankings in three steps:  A robot called a crawler collects all kinds of content on the Internet. Index : Organize the content collected through crawling into a database Ranking : Decide the display order of content according to search keywords In . Ranking above.  Google’s search algorithm changes frequently, so it’s difficult to rank high if you don’t always keep up with the latest information and take measures accordingly. Please refer to the article below which explains Google’s search algorithm in detail.

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