Shoptet Premium Advertising Natland is an investment group that focuses on investing in medium-sized companies and development projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It operates with its own investment capital of around 2 billion crowns. For my audience, among its biggest investments will be, for example, the Digital People group, which covers the e-shops ZOOT, Bibloo and UrbanStore. One of Natland’s partners is my guest today, David Manych , who is primarily responsible for financial management in the group . Together, we analyzed how you too can think about financing your company and whether to reach for a bank loan, bonds, capital from an investor or something else. The article is for subscribers.

How do companies deal with financial management

Founder of 11 months ago Twitter Share Pocket ARTICLEJiří Rostecký Photo author: Jirka Chomát When I started filming my first video interviews years ago, there wasn’t much about the financial management of Bahrain WhatsApp Number List companies on the Czech internet. Since then, however, I have already prepared dozens of interviews for you, in which we discuss topics related to financial management and company financing with experienced entrepreneurs, managers and various experts . Advertising Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to look into a number of companies and see how their need for quality financial management grows over time and when they finally begin to realize the added value in it. I would describe my experience as follows.

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How to Create Them?  for our subscribers: Play full video WE RECOMMEND Premium chats exclusive to subscribers Hear 163 interviews with exclusive guests. Even more in-depth and full know-how for singapore lead your business. FIND OUT MORE jiri sprouts Jiří Rostecký founder of 1 year ago Twitter Share Pocket E-SHOPSCOMPANY is an e-shop with food and nutritional supplements. It has been on the market for almost 7 years and is approaching an annual turnover of 400 million crowns. What is interesting about him is that around 80% of his sales are generated by his own brands of products.

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