Imagine a situation that on one side of the table you have someone with 30 years of experience and on the other a person who will provide you with exactly the same service, but has not been on the market for that long.

What will be more important to you when valuing their working time?

If you are an older person, you will probably bet on an internship. On the other hand, young people will bet on skills.

  • “Why should I pay someone more just because they stayed in one company?”
  • “If I pay this much to a young man, his head will turn”

These are just some of the translations, but you’re probably already seeing trends. Just as it was difficult for you to value an hour of your time, it is equally difficult to assess who should earn more. This is where the Personal Brand equation comes into play .

So how to bite this topic?

Accounting for creatives

One of the answers to the question “How do you value your time?” was “See what the competition is taking and take the same.”

We say NO to this approach!


When valuing an hour of our time, a very helpfuprocess Phone Number List willl tool is simplified accounting for creatives (not to be confused with creative accounting J).

We call creative everyone who creates “something out of nothing” (e.g. artist, musician, photographer, coach). After all, it is difficult to impose a margin, distribution and sales costs on knowledge. So how to price it?

NOTE: below you will find a practical application of mathematics. You read at your own risk.

private costs

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The basis for our calculations will be the extended version of the household budget. If you haven’t run such a budget yet, I highly recommend it. Thanks to this tool, it often turns out that the difference between “I know more or less how much I spend” and “I know exactly how much I spend” is greater than we think.

In the first part of our calculator, we enter our house Singapore Lead hold costs and expenses. As accurately as possible, that is, “to the last penny.” These calculations are only for you, so fool yourself. Yes, enter this candy bar for “one zloty” too…

Your calculations might look like this.

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