For any cause of force majeure or circumstance. Organizer, and undertakes to communicate the new Bases and participation criteria well in advance. Likewise, and whenever there is a justifi and duly motivat cause, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Draw.  expressly provid for in these Bases has not expir, the Organizer does not undertake to grant the prize expressly indicat. If the period for holding the Draw has end, with the cancellation being after the end of the Draw, the Organizer undertakes to grant the prize indicat expressly in accordance with the Bases provid.

He Organizer reserves the right to cancel

Suspend and/or modify this Contest, to change or modify any condition or requirement thereof and/or these Bases, and to substitute the prize or any part thereof for a different prize. In all the cases Nigeria WhatsApp Number List mention above, users will be inform through the aforemention web pages or social networks. 11. SAFEGUARD CLAUSE All the clauses or extremes of these Bases must be interpret independently and autonomously and, in the event that any provision is declar null by means of a final judicial sentence, the rest of the provisions will not be affect. The Organizer will replace the clause(s) affect.

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