We don’t just have one Internet newspaper, but several. And also several hundr portals  information pages.” This sounds very exciting to me. Here I am interest in the online strategy as well as the personnel and financial situation. Maybe you can contact me directly for a further exchange (Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger). wishing you […]
Definition : Influencers are also call alphas, mavens, opinion leaders, opinion leaders or simply influencers. Regardless of format, industry or activity. This is a group of people or entities who are highly respect, have expert status, or are otherwise in the limelight and have achiev fame. The unofficial title therefore includes a kind of authoritarian […]
I’ve been there since 2011 and have learn to live and love the 140-character chatter. My private networking takes place on Twitter. Professionally, I find that b2b churns way better on Twitter than anything else. I can’t imagine that Twitter, especially as a b2b mium, will shipwreck in the foreseeable future.  Is only take it […]
Scholze Ralph Scholze Ralph Scholze blogs mainly on the topics of social mia (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), social mia marketing, corporate blogs and content marketing at  . He also reports specifically on strategic issues for small and mium-siz companies. Numerous tips supplement his articles. 12 Responses to “Despite major problems: Does Twitter still have an ace […]
For companies, this means being active in two ways in social mia marketing. The Twitter ads are particularly beneficial for companies. The reach and interactions of Twitter Ads are significantly higher than the reach of organic tweets. Practical tips for making better use of Twitter Set specific goals for Twitter. This helps to keep the […]
One thing is clear: Twitter has a firm place in the social mia strategy of many companies and is actively us for content marketing in many places. Should the short message service fail, however, this will have a greater impact in some latitudes than here in Germany. Because in the home country of the company […]
Information with you, a database is a good solution for you. Process database No matter what kind of work you do, it is certain that many of your activities are repeatd regularly more efficiently . In its simplest form, it is a simple checklist, according to which you tick off that you have gone through […]
Director of Operations, who will replace him in the position and go on to hold the title of CEO together with Te Sarandos, who was promote to the position in July 2020. This has been communicatd by the streaming platform in a statement signe by Hastings himself in which he reflects on his career and […]

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