Teams and numerous elite athletes

Also “Mejor Es Posible”. That is why in the spots everything is link to achieving what no one has yet achiev. Finetwork opts for very competitive rates, giving value to customers, unbeatable service and a presence in the mia that makes a difference. All this will continue in this way, to also be faithful to the principles that have serv it to have more than 600,000 customers. Finetwork continues dreaming with Gijón Jovellanos de Balonmano Finework July 19, 2021 In a turbulent year where the support of Finetwork has been key for the sport to continue moving in our country, the fiber and mobile operator continues to demonstrate its commitment, this time to the Gijón Jovellanos handball group .

The club and the sponsor have wante

To continue with a collaboration that has allow this great sport to continue making us vibrate every week. In this way, the sponsorship of handball continues to form part of a long list of supports with Lebanon WhatsApp Number List which Finetwork is linke to the sport . In addition to big names such as Fernando Alonso, Saúl Craviotto, Joaquín Sánchez, Fernando Romay, Petro Acosta or Sandra Sánchez. Finetwork is present in the sport from the earliest ages to the oldest, the operator will once again be present in the highest category of the handball club, as well as in all the others. A successful year ahead The agreement has been materialize by JorBetter is possible: the Finetwork challenge with the great athletes of Spain Finework June 11, 2021 A WhatsApp group opens the door to the latest challenge from the fiber and mobile operator.

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The group includes members of the men’s

Women’s soccer and basketball  such as Fernando Alonso, Saúl Craviotto and Sandra Sánchez. A group in which the healthy “itch” for overcoming challenges is contagious and gradually causes the phrase “Better is possible” to take center stage. Finetwork has shown that his commitment to sport has l him to support small and large athletes, with this the play is repeate trying to Singapore Lead always go for more. In total there will be 8 spots that we will see on television and different mia, reflecting in Finetwork the principles of Spanish sport that have been so closely relate to the operator since its inception. Little by little , the fiber and mobile operator Finetwork has carve a niche for itself among the greats thanks to competitive prices and a lot of commitment.

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