During the ss20 season . On the one hand. Therefore. It is important to invite the most follow influencers; on the other hand. You ne to consider which voices are most effective for your brand and. More importantly. For your target audience. Create a list. Considering the influencers and celebrities who have historically work best […]
traditional mia impact 81% of the mia impact value™ . In fact. Most of the placements (256 to be precise) are link to elodie’s total look . At the same time. However. The top post of the italian singer with 1.5 million followers shar one day before the start of the festival. Generates€134k of miv® […]
total black. Sequins and focus on emma marrone’s wet beauty look armani. Chosen by several protagonists of sanremo 2020. Including fiorello and rula jebreal . Dominates the ariston stage with classic elegance enrich by sequin and velvet work . Dark tones and declin differently depending on the context. Lead armani to place 3rd place for […]
analys. With a voice split which sees the celebrity voice represent by achille lauro in first place. With 58% . The “rock star” of the 2020 sanremo festival . Importance of Measuring Marketing Investments With a total of just 16 posts on his social channels. Generat a miv® of approximately €4m . The buzz generat […]
engagement comes from instagram which records the best top posts on the brand’s proprietary channel. Those together with mia kong. #meandmypeekaboo for fendi’s chinese new year together with the fendi baguette. The peekaboo confirms itself as one of the italian brand’s it bags. Born in 2008 with the fendi spring-summer 2009 collection. The fendi peekaboo […]
What functions does a PBX or virtual switchboard offer? It provides a single number for external users to contact any employee or department in the company. Distribute calls to agents depending on user nes with an ACD protocol. Connections and disconnections made correctly. It automates answer calls and allows you to offer a menu for […]
Selling more in a call center is not easy, but now artificial intelligence can help you. The tools are available to everyone and help to avoid manual analysis that takes a lot of time and is not capable of offering objective data. Send comment Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark […]
Now you know much better what types of telemarketing exist according to their call system and location. Which do you think is more effective? Send comment Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with * Call Center: Strategies to increase sales June 22, 2022 | Call centers | 0 Comments If […]
This is the standard definition and from which all types of telemarketing that exist are born. Yes, there are several types and each one has a key characteristic. Knowing them and using them properly can help you improve in certain aspects or sell one type of product better than another. Today we will tell you […]
WebRTC wants to take the quality of these communications to another level. What is WebRTC? WebRTC is a technology develop by Google that aims to do away with fix lines and all their drawbacks. WebRTC is bas on VoIP calls , that is, made over the Internet . These not only have almost zero support, […]
In order to personalize it is key to have a well-segment database , because without this segmentation you will not be able to define a personalization. The more filters, the more segmentation possibilities you will get. The possibilities are almost endless SMS customization is almost endless and can be implement in almost any business. The […]
What will happen with the end of cookies Cookies are a fundamental part of the current mass advertising service provid on the Internet. Without them, the personalization of advertising will be questionable and it will be more difficult, if not impossible, to know the tastes of users . What Google intends is to use a […]

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