The electronic by entities whose headquarters and servers are locat within the territory of the EU or by entities cover by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, complying with the precepts of the European Data Protection Regulation in terms of privacy. and security. Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explain in the additional information. Tools to schule content It’s time to schule content so that it can be releas at the best time without you having to do it manually, since you may have other things to do at that time.

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I always recommend that you check that everything has work correctly. metricool I have already told you about Metricool a little above, for the analytics part, but here we are talking about the programming Cuba Email List part. This tool allows you to schule content from all social networks very easily. And not only that, but you can also create autolists so that your content (or third-party content) is publish periodically on your social networks, something very useful to continue working on the visibility of your blog or your YouTube videos. Socialgest.

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Very interesting new features is SocialGest , and if you’re a bit of a geek, you’ll surely love it. It is quite complete since it has a content programmer, analysis of results, hashtags and contests, a hashtag search Singapore Lead engine and an inbox to reply to comments and messages. And a very interesting option that I have not seen in other tools, a panic button to pause everything that is in a social network, for what might happen. In this video you can see everything that this tool allows: hoot suite It is the tool that the Community Manager most often uses when programming content.

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